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I can’t begin to express my deepest gratitude and my above met expectations by Dr. Larry and his colleagues Dory and Reggie (and his intern). Ruca (my pug) has a very complicated medical history and logistically we are just as complicated as we are currently living in Honduras. His team from the get go provided me with support and help until I was able to come visit with them in person. The tests, the exams the dialogue was far greater than I expected and besides finally having answers to ease my mind it was done in an informative, supportive and dare I say “fun” way. You can tell everyone working there is enthusiastic about their job and their colleagues. I can’t praise them enough. Thank you guys for EVERYTHING, you have made a huge difference in mine and Ruca’s life.

Vanessa R.

Everyone at Westcreek is so caring and attentive to my puppy. I trust them completely to care for Sophie. She actually likes to go to the vet. Thanks to all of you.

Jacqulyn C.

I am a little biased simply because I grew up here it seems like. I’ve worked for Westcreek for 18 years now and call it home. The best thing I can say about the doctors at Westcreek is that they are the same person outside of the exam room as they are in the exam room. The most heartfelt and genuine men I know. What you see is what you get with theses doctors. I’m proud to be a part of such a loving place.

Dori D.

The doctors watched my sweet girl Sophie fight against all odds. The ultrasound gave her 1-2 months to live. They gave it their all! They worked with me and gave her their best. She adored Cindy and and Steph. Robin was usually the bad guy as she was the tech for even her first appointment there but she still loved her. Everyone worked with her and gave her the best care available. Under their care she lived not one, not two, but a year and a half, most of that time happy and comfortable. They care about their clients and even more for their furry patients.

Erin H.

I don’t know if I could ever go anyplace else! Dr. G is the best ever… He is like family! Who else calls after hours to check on your animals?? Or gives you cell number when one of your babies is deathly ill – it’s hard enough when you know it’s a matter of time, but they are there for you! The entire staff is awesome, absolutely amazing. Auggie’s first visit, Dr G got on his knees and let Auggie give him kisses and he has taken care of Auggie and all my babies since 2002!! My mom recommended them and now even grandpuppy is a patient, 3 generations lol!! I can’t say enough about everyone at Westcreek Animal Clinic and will continue to drive from Arlington no matter how many Animal Clinics are within 5 minutes or less…..

Keri G.

I always bring my little one here they are awesome.

Cinthya G.

I took my English Bulldog to Dr. Gumfory and Dr. Hendon from the time he was 8 weeks old until he passed away over 12 years later. I could not ask for a more caring and competent vet group for my pup. The entire staff, from the front desk, to the vet techs to the doctors, are very professional and truly care about your pet. My pup had heart failure towards the end of is life and the entire staff handled the situation with class and care. When I had to rush him into the clinic on his final day on earth, I called at 20 minutes until closing time and let them know we were on our way, there was a staff member waiting with a stretcher for us to arrive and they met us at the car. Both Dr. Gumfory and Dr. Hendon were also ready and waiting. I can never express how much that meant to me and I will be forever thankful for all of them. Needless to say they get 5+++ stars.

Michael G.

They have been looking after our dogs and cats since 1992. Have never had a negative experience. This clinic truly cares about you and your pets !

Marti A.

This clinic is my go-to place when nobody else knows what to do or what’s going on… My senior Bichon had severe allergies and now he plays like a puppy again! I took him to Westcreek to be euthanized. Unless they had some kind of Magic Bullet. Thank you for giving me a couple more years of Joy with my doggie, Dr. Hendon!!! Visit my page (it’s public) to see a video Of my dog playing and feeling so much better after just 3 or 4 weeks on the medication.

Nina D.

For years I heard friends talk about how awesome Dr. Gumfory is with dogs, especially pugs, so I finally made the time to switch vets and drive 45 minutes from Dallas to Fort Worth to see him. He was amazing with my pug! I’ve never had a vet examine my pug in such detail, and he spent a whole hour with us discussing the exam, findings, recommendations, etc. I was shocked at the bill too…it was a fraction compared to the mediocre Uptown vets I had been using! I will definitely be making the drive to keep him as my new vet from now on!

Jenna H.

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