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Paws and Help Officer Pearce

As many of you know Matt Pearce was involved in an officer shooting on March 15. There has been an outpouring of support for this family in our community and on social media. In times of tragedy we find ways to help make things easier for those we care about.  Officer Pearce is part of our Westcreek family and we would like to do our part to make this time easier for him and his family. 

While many of you have been able to keep up with Matt’s road to recovery, many may not be aware of the struggles the family has faced taking care of the family dog’s over the past month.  The Pearce family has been helping care for Matt’s dogs Calvin and Cody, so he can focus on his recovery. Unfortunately, while Matt has been in the hospital his dog Calvin started having seizures and was euthanized at an emergency clinic. His other dog Cody has been sick and needed daily medication to help with a respiratory infection. We would like to help cover some of the expenses for Calvin and Cody, and hopefully raise enough to help pets of other officer’s in the future. Pets bring joy to our lives and play an important part in recovery for many.  Balancing the daily needs of pets while dealing with a tragedy can be overwhelming and we would like to make it easier in whatever way we can.  

Making sure our four legged loved ones are taken care of during times of tragedy is a cause we can all get behind.

Please Paws and help the Pearce family.


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